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Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping & Return Policy for Aruvi Publications
Thank you for choosing Aruvi Publications! We want to ensure you have a smooth experience with our products. Please carefully review our Shipping & Returns Policy for important information about orders, cancellations, returns, and related matters.
  • Orders (domestic only) are processed and shipped via registered domestic courier companies. The shipping process typically takes 6-7 days, or as per the agreed delivery date at the time of order confirmation, adhering to the norms set by the Courier Company.
  • Please note that while Aruvi Publications ensures timely handover of the consignment to the courier company within 6-7 days from the order and payment date, any delays in delivery by the courier company are beyond our control.
  • All orders will be delivered to the address provided by the buyer during the checkout process. It is essential to ensure accuracy in the provided shipping address to avoid delivery issues.
  • Upon successful delivery, confirmation of the service provided will be sent to the email address specified during registration. This confirmation serves as acknowledgment of receipt.
  • For any inquiries or concerns regarding the utilization of our services, customers are encouraged to reach out to our dedicated helpdesk at 6384463744 or via email at admin@aruvipublications.com. Our team is committed to addressing any issues promptly and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Thank you for choosing Aruvi Publications. If you have further questions, please contact admin@aruvipublications.com. We are committed to providing you with high-quality, natural products and excellent customer service.